Economic Model

JPW Realty's financial model is built to support driven entrepreneurs.

Our cap is lower than our competitors, and we're so confident that we'll help you increase your business that we'll reduce your cap even further if you don't grow in your first year.


Grow your business or get 25% reduced cap for a year

Our team is deeply invested in helping you grow your business. If you don't see growth in your volume during your first year, the following year's Company Dollar cap will be reduced by 25%- equivalent to $2,975.


Available to incoming agents

The only requirement is having a minimum of 4 transactions in the last 12 months. We want you to grow your business, whatever that means for you!


No fine print

A decrease in production can happen for several reasons, including a change in the real estate market or a personal situation. No matter the reason, JPW will honor the Business Growth Guarantee.


We want you to thrive

We believe our team and tools can help every agent grow their business at JPW. The Business Growth Guarantee is our way of putting our money where our mouth is.


Align brokerage and agent objectives around agent business growth.

Who it's for

All agents in their first year at JPW.


  • Minimum of 4 transactions in the last 12 months

Competitive Cap

JPW Realty's capping system is built to support driven entrepreneurs. After $12,900, Company Dollar is capped and your commission split becomes 100%.

Cap in four transactions

Agents will typically cap in four transactions, based on $350,000 price point and 3% commission. On average, over 75% of JPW agents meet their cap.

Fees that make sense

Our cap is significantly lower than other brokerages with a capping structure, and we provide much more value than "discount brokerages." We achieve low costs by focusing only on the staff and services that matter to to your business growth.

Company Dollar 30% $12,900 CAP
BAC $399

Brokerage Comparison Chart

How does JPW stack up against other offices in the Maple Grove area?

JPW Realty KW Realty Group eXp Realty
Cap $12,900 $19,900 n/a $16,000
Split 70/30 70/30 n/a 80/20
Transaction Fee $399 $395 $495 $250
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Live Chat Support
Full Time Marketing Staff n/a
Photo & Video Studio