How to Get a Free Post Boost & More Page Followers

By combining one well-known strategy with something we just learned existed, you can dramatically increase the reach of your business posts and covert engagers into page followers.

Video Transcript:

Free Social Post Boost:

Here is a free and super easy way to get a boost on your posts. Usually when our agents share posts like this, they see at least a 2x lift in reach and often get up to 10x reach.

  1. Find your best content on your business page, change who you are interacting as on your page to your self (personal profile).
  2. Click Share
  3. Select Share to Newsfeed (you might have to click More Options):

Turn Post Engagements Into Page Followers:

1) Find a post that has some reactions (likes, smiley faces, hearts, etc)

2) Click on the link where it says you have post reactions

3) A box will pop up and if any of the engagers aren’t already following your page, you will be able to invite them right there!