Real Estate Industry Benchmarks for Email Marketing – Are You a Spammer?

We’ll look at 2020 industry averages and compare them to the average email performance of JPW agents. Guess who is better?

Video Transcript:

Nobody wants to be a spammer!

Many of the agents I coach voice a fear that their newsletters will come off as spam. Luckily there is one easy way to find out if you are spammer and it really has nothing to do with your actual content and 100% to do with your email performance metrics.

Campaign Monitor’s 2020 email marketing study found that the average email performance stats for Real Estate are:

20% Open Rate

3.5% Click Through Rate

0.2% Unsubscribe Rate

Honestly, these aren’t too good! Only 1 in 5 people open the average RE email. However, keep in mind that these stats include marketing emails from big companies like Zillow,, Redfin etc. Those emails function very differently that your newsletters. You should be sending email to your sphere, not a huge list of randos you don’t know.

Find out if you are a spammer:

If your average email campaign has a lower open rate than 20%, you are probably a bit of a spammer. This means less people want to read your emails than the mass marketing emails sent by huge companies to people they don’t know. If this is the case, you either need to trim out the fat (lots of it) from your email list, getting rid of the Bs and Cs to focus on your As. Or you should completely rethink your email strategy and figure out how to provide your audience with more value. Maybe you need to ramp up or highlight your giveaway more!

JPW Realty Agent Email Performance:

40% Open Rate

7% Click Through Rate

That’s right, our email campaigns perform at double the industry average!

If your email stats are close to ours, you are leading the pack with unabashed value and quality content. Nice work.