This SECRET Social Media Stat is the Key to Success for Realtors

There is one critical statistic you need to determine the success of every post and Facebook/Insta/Big Piggy Tech Company WON’T tell you what it is!

Video Transcript:

Hello everybody! Cooper here and today I want to be sharing with you a little industry secret that we digital marketing ninjas all know. It’s a critical part of our training. When we have our ninja initiation ceremony with our digital marketing sensei they whisper the secret into your ear before you go out and start fighting the evils of the big tech companies.

This is really the only effective way to determine the success of any social media post.

The most important statistic is called the Reached Rate. You might ask, hey Coop, how come I’ve never heard of that before? That’s because it doesn’t exist!

Most people look at the statistics that Facebook or Instagram gives than in the reports and this isn’t in those reports because it’s actually a relative way to analyze the success of post.

It’s easy and simple to calculate you just have to know how many followers your account has and the number of people who saw a post.

To calculate Reach rate you divide the post reach (might be called view/impressions/eyeballs) by the number of followers you have on your account.



That gives you as a percentage which you can compare across different social media accounts it gives you an understanding of what percent of your followers saw that post.

This is so important because when we’re doing your social media strategy you’re posting all kinds of different types of content. You must post a video then you might post a giveaway then you might post a funny picture of Bernie Sanders photoshopped into the front porch of a house for sale. How can you compare the success of a giveaway video to a market update compared to a link to an article?

What people don’t realize is they think in their minds they think how can I create content that my audience will love? But there’s actually a pretty critical step in that process that you’re missing when you think that way.

It’s not your audience that sees your content first it’s the social media giant that you’re using. Every time you post, your content goes into this giant black box which is facebook instagram, you know whoever, it goes into their algorithm. They shut the door with your post content and they say I think today we will show this post to bob and mary and you know your great aunt sally who lives in Texas. They they decide all that.

You have absolutely no control over who sees your post, absolutely no control.

So you should be writing your content to please the algorithm, not your audience.

And the only way to know what content the algorithm likes is to calculate and compare your post reach rates.

Most of our agent’s posts have a reach rate between 8-15%. Some of our agents routinely hit 30%.

So, start doing the math in your head when you are analyzing post performance. Compare your average reach rates between different social platforms. We find that Instagram posts tend to get much higher reach rates. Compare your reach rate between different posts and look for patterns in content types. What types of content tend to have the highest reach rates?