Top 3 Easy Real Estate Social Media Videos You Can Make Today

These videos should take you less than 20 minutes from start to finish and are consistently top performers!

Video Transcript:

Today we are looking at one of our top agent’s top three performing videos from the past few months. The key here is to realize the ROI of these videos and also to see how easy it can be to produce engaging video content! You can easily create videos like these three in under 20 minutes each.

NOTE: Go live on social whenever you can. Social media platforms are eating up live content right now. You’ll get a nice boost to viewership.

Video 1: Simple Listing Video – 200+ minutes viewed

Don’t overthink this! Stand outside the house, introduce yourself on selfie video and introduce the property. Tell them you are going to point out your three favorite things about the house.

Walk inside and quickly cover in 1 minute or less each your three favorite things about the house. It’s cool for people to see what houses look like inside so include the footage of you walking around. Make colorful commentary!

End the video with a thank you and a CTA to message you if someone is looking for a house. BOOM DONE.

Video 2: Giveaway Announcement – 250 minutes viewed

Go live. Announce your giveaway. Require someone to engage with your post with a like or a comment to enter. Ask a question for them to answer. Like would you rather have a mountain cabin or lake cabin. That’s it.

I would think these sorts of videos would be trash. But they are consistently the highest performing videos our agents make. Do one every month for your giveaways!

Video 3: Market Update – 240 minutes viewed

This is the one where you have to be careful. This sort of content is BORING. Remember that the buyers journey for real estate is a DECADE long. Most people don’t care about real estate for 9.5 out of every 10 years. So how may of your followers care about your market update? 1/20. Yikes.

Here is the key. And they do this in the video example above to great effect. Drop an easter egg! Do something towards the end of the video that is goofy and announce it in the video’s description. In this video they say that Ben sings at the end of the video, not knowing they were still filming. GOLD!